Friday, June 17, 2011

Joel Campbell GIS Cafe Interview at Hexagon 2011

Did you miss Hexagon 2011? Make sure you plan on Hexagon 2012 June 4 - 7 in Las Vegas, NV, USA!

Here are some links to help you get an idea of what happened at Hexagon 2011 in Orlando.

GISCafe posted and interview with Joel Campbell, ERDAS' President, and Sanjay at Hexagon 2011. As a post conference note, in my opinion, ERDAS received a boost from meeting ERDAS customers, distributors and partners. Also, the interest in ERDAS technology from all the other Hexagon companies was also tremendous.

Watch Joel's interview read the other links on "The Field Guide" concerning Hexagon 2011, what is coming with the ERDAS - Intergraph synergy effort, and what is coming in ERDAS 2012 when I return from vacation.

Mladen Stojic discusses the synergy efforts and the new development projects ERDAS is currently working on, and showed at Hexagon 2011:

Ryan Hughes of Skygone has some interesting thoughts on how he believes Hexagon should approach addressing the software product (ERDAS-Intergraph) synergy effort in this article: His interview at Hexagon 2011 is found here:

Other Hexagon 2011 links:

Movie showing ERDAS IMAGINE Live Link with GeoMedia narrated by Paul.

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