Friday, February 19, 2010

Trip Report from Perth Australia and Tokyo Japan ERDAS Rocks 2010

Sorry for the late posting this year; we in product management are very much in demand supporting sales on the recent 2010 release and working overtime planning 2010.1, 2011 and beyond. Far more than ‘all is well’ is the mantra early in 2010. Indeed, ERDAS Rocks!

Over the last two weeks, I have been in Perth Australia and Tokyo Japan for the ERDAS Rocks 2010 Tour. The customer and prospect reception was tremendous. I discussed the history of ERDAS IMAGINE and ERDAS ER Mapper as well as the current efforts in fusing of ER Mapper, Image Compressor, and IMAGINE technologies. I also discussed the future of the technology fusing efforts, which will include LPS and new technologies we have yet to openly discuss.

Chris Tweedie discussed the current stage of ERDAS APOLLO and the fusing of ERDAS IWS technology into ERDAS APOLLO. During his demo in both Perth and Tokyo, the audience was amazed at the speed ERDAS APOLLO served imagery and vectors. He did such a good job a PO for ERDAS APOLLO was waiting on us when we arrived in the Perth ERDAS office the following morning.

In Tokyo, the audience had thought web services were supposed to be slow, that slow was the nature web services. Were they every pleasantly surprised; their questions and comments showed a new interest in web services. And to think, what we have in development is faster than what we demoed live in Perth and Tokyo!

To my Chinese friends, Happy New Year! The year of the Tiger is off to a roaring start for ERDAS.