Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 Arrives Today!

Today, 64-bit (x64) raster processing is released in ERDAS IMAGINE 2014. All raster formats which support x64 processing with in Spatial Modeler, Spatial Modeler (Legacy), MosaicPro, Export ECW, and more. Because much of ERDAS IMAGINE uses Spatial Modeler (Legacy) for processing, a very wide swath of the product processes raster data in true x64. There are a few very old raster formats that depend on third-party libraries, where the third party has not ported to x64, and these raster formats will run in x86.
Once example ECW Exporter, I ran a test yesterday.... I copied a 22GB file using the DOS cmd.exe 'copy' command. It took longer to copy the 22GB file from local disk to the same local disk than it took to compress the 22GB image file with the ECW Exporter. So, speed is one benefit of x64 bit processing (as if we did not know that already).  
Another example, Image Segmentation... with the x64 processing we released a new version of image segmentation. I will cover that in another blog post at a later time.