Thursday, November 14, 2013

LPS Changes Soon in 2014 Annual Release

Intergraph recently notified LPS customers the annual release of ERDAS IMAGINE (2014) will mark the next phase softcopy photogrammetry in ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS.

The ERDAS IMAGINE product line has a long history of digital (softcopy) photogrammetry. Softcopy photogrammetry was first introduced in ERDAS IMAGINE 8.0.2 with ‘IMAGINE Digital Ortho’. The next major upgrade came with the release of ‘IMAGINE OrthoMAX,’ which was introduced in 1995. ‘IMAGINE OrthoBASE’ was the next major upgrade and was introduced in 1999.

In 2004, LPS 8.7 was the next major upgrade and was developed and marketed alongside ERDAS IMAGINE 8.7. In LPS 2013, the ERDAS IMAGINE ribbon interface adoption was part of a major LPS upgrade, and created the tightest product integration to that time.

In the 2014 release version, the integration is even tighter. LPS product family and components have been rebranded and repackaged to become part of the ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 once again. Softcopy photogrammetry in ERDAS IMAGINE suite has been upgraded and expanded yet again.

The packaging of the ERDAS IMAGINE Suite (of which LPS is now part), has been simplified. The details of the packaging will be rolled out by Intergraph soon, as the release of Intergraph Geospatial 2014 is imminent.

There is much more for the LPS community, but I will leave that to the press releases... I will expand on those after they are released.

Did you know... OrthoBASE was the first software product Mladen Stojic managed. Mladen and I often reminisce of OrthoBASE creation days, and the fun we had creating it. (Well he created it; I was someone he could bounce ideas off.)