Thursday, February 21, 2013

ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 Version 13.00.0002 in development

We are always improving our products. Sometimes in major releases and sometimes in service packs (SP). Work is well underway for improving ERDAS Desktop 2013 (ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS, and ERDAS ER Mapper). These improvements address customer reported improvements as well as improvements defined by product managers. The expected product deliver version number is 2013 Version 13.00.0002.

This SP may be limited to customers with current customer support only as it has a lot of enhancements. I am not in a position to outline exactly what we are improving in the SP, yet. But, what I can say, we are improving LAS, ECW, JP2, NITF, Spatial Modeler, Spatial Modeler (Legacy), Virtual Mosaic, and much more. This SP, and what we did in the ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 release (released early December 2012) are very powerful.

This SP development period will be a short time-frame one. I would expect ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 Version 13.00.0002 to arrive on the website well before the Hexagon 2013 conference in Las Vegas (June 3 – 6).