Friday, January 23, 2009

How To Fold a Map Properly

The ERDAS Product Line Director of Remote Sensing, Ian Anderson (not the same Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame) gives a training session on “How To Fold a Map Properly” on ERDAS TV.

There are two installments of "Inside the ERDAS IMAGINE War Room".

Webisode 1

Webisode 2

Thursday, January 8, 2009


What are all these old ERDAS and ERDAS IMAGINE ads? Some time back I was thumbing through my old PE&RS Journals to decide what to do with them. I came up with a crazy idea to collect the ERDAS advertisements, and the convert the analog ads to digital before they became too faded. So I purchased a good desktop scanner. As usual, it sat in the box for over a year.

One day just before the 2008 US Thanksgiving holiday my wife said, "Now what is it you planned to do with this thing, and when?" So, I was properly motivated. I started scanning advertisements over the 2008 Christmas holidays.

The ads I have posted on right column of this blog are thumbnail versions of selected ads. I plan to donate full resolution copies to ERDAS for their use as well.

At the same time I purchased a scanner (before my wife properly motivated me) I started collecting ERDAS history. I told Brad Skelton, Ruth Lutz, Larry Brantley and others of the idea, and in just a few days I started seeing floods of information roll in.

Then I contacted Bruce Rado and Nick Faust. As most of you know, they are two of the founders of ERDAS. Nick has donated time to review and correct the history, as well as look at his old magazines to help find the first ERDAS advertisement. I believe the 1987 ad I have is the first. If not it is very close.

Bruce has donated time to review historical information and a box of his old 35mm slides. I will scan some of these slides soon. The slides will make for very good quality scans as will negatives (I have a slide and negative scanning option on my scanner).

At any rate, with luck and motivation we should see the history of ERDAS, Inc., ERDAS, and ERDAS IMAGINE be better documented from this point forward.

One last thing I need to get is a copy of Tom Foresman's "The History of GIS: Perspective from the Pioneers." Bruce, Nick and Lawrie Jordan worked with Foresman on this in 1997 and the perspective is 10 years closer to 1978 founding of ERDAS than we are today.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Latest ERDAS IMAGINE Development Team YouTube Video

Here is a link to the latest ERDAS IMAGINE Development Team video on ERDAS TV.... this is directly from the ERDAS, Inc. site and is a little higher quality than at YouTube. Look at Webisode 3: Inside the ERDAS IMAGINE War Room (Part 1).
There is more to come from the ERDAS IMAGINE Development Team soon.

The others are good too!