Saturday, June 27, 2009

Consolidated Mosaic

Consolidated Mosaic is a working name for a new mosaic paradigm that will be introduced in ERDAS IMAGINE 2010. Consider the different tools ERDAS, Inc. has for mosaicking images:
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's MosaicTool (original mosaic tools, good defaults options)
  • ERDAS MosaicPro (advanced MosaicTool, easy cutlines, ortho-correct from block files )
  • ERDAS ER Mapper Mosaic (fast virtual mosaic, a lot of capacity, limited capability)
  • ERDAS ER Mapper Color Balance (fast color balance, limited to true color)
  • ERDAS Image Compressor (fast ECW and JPEG 2000 compression)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's MosaicDirect (Wizard to feed to MosaicPro and batch)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's MosaicWizard (Wizard to process mosaic)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's Virtual Mosaic (more capability than ER Mapper Mosaic, less capacity)

What if we combined these products in a single product? What if you could mosaic >2.5 terapixels of data straight into a single >2.5 terapixel IMG, or to a 20:1 compressed ECW, or to a lossless compressed JPEG2000 image. What if you could break that >2.5 terapixel mosaic into tiles with your shapefiles (and it has no temp files)? What if you could do all this within a 32-bit operating system environment?

If you think this can help you, keep your eyes open for a WebEx or an erdas labs discussion on this topic very soon.

I gave you a hint of where we were going when I asked Hammad to post to The Field Guide in:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Web Demo of ERDAS Enterprise Server Products

Recently, ERDAS placed web demos of ERDAS Enterprise Server Products on the web for the world to play with. The data are from Cherokee County, Georgia. I believe the speed is incredible. Give it a look at:

If you wish, compare to the online mapping of:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preview the Future of ERDAS IMAGINE and more on ERDAS Labs

This is going to be fun....

ERDAS Inc. announces the launch of ERDAS Labs, an informative new site highlighting technology currently being developed.

“ERDAS Labs provides the market and our customers a window into our product development activities; whether it’s a concept or idea we’re exploring, or a new feature under development for a product,” said Bruce Chaplin, Senior Vice President, Product Development, ERDAS. “We’ll showcase projects under active development, engaging our customers in conversations about these projects and soliciting their feedback.”

Whether it is an innovative new idea being explored or a major new feature being implemented for the next version of a product, ERDAS Labs provides a forum for discussion with the development team.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vote Early and Vote Often

Please cast your vote for the image file formats you use.

Пожалуйста отдайте свой голос за формат или форматы, которые Вы чаще всего используете.

Para favor lance seu voto para os formatos de arquivo de imagem que você usa.

Vote para favor para los formatos de archivo de imagen que usted utiliza.

S'il vous plaît voter pour les formats de dossier d'image vous utilisez.



Stem alstublieft op de raster formaten die u het meest gebruikt.

Bitte wählen Sie die Bildformate, mit welchen Sie arbeiten.

Per favore di lanciare il suo voto per i formati di file di immagine lei usa.

Behag støp din stemme for avbildene arkivene formatene som du bruker.

The "Vote Early and Vote Often" phrase in the US is a humorous way of saying, "Make sure you vote, and vote in each election." It appears I am saying, "Vote early in the morning and vote many times during the same election." That is illegal and morally wrong. I would be disappointed in someone who would do that.