Monday, January 23, 2012

Hexagon merges ERDAS into Intergraph

There seems to be a little confusion in the market-place concerning Intergraph and ERDAS.  At the end of July 2011, Hexagon merged ERDAS into Intergraph. All ERDAS employees, products and services are now Intergraph Employees developing new products based on ERDAS products, as well as supporting ERDAS customers using those products.

Customers of ERDAS products will continue to communicate with ERDAS employees and use The transition should be transparent to customers, as legal and back-office changes have formed the majority of the changes.

You will still find Brad Skelton, Ian Anderson, Jeff Dooley, Mladen Stojic, myself, and many more Erdasians in the Norcross (metro Atlanta) office. You will find Laura Ramage, Michelle and Joe Mostowy, Andy Garratt, Dean McCormick, Mike Lane, and many other Erdasians scattered around the globe. As well, some of the old-time ER Mapper employees are still around, such as Mark Sheridan, Chris Ribble, and more. You will find Ionic employees such as Niko Vanraes, Dimitri Monie, and others still hard at work as well.

In my opinion, the change can be considered somewhat like Coca-Cola purchasing Dr. Pepper... there was no change in the wildly successful Dr. Pepper formula.

Where will this fusion take us, while I cannot say exactly what is happening on my blog, I can say that my earlier post of  "Hexagon 2011; the razing of the wall" and what we started with in ERDAS IMAGINE 2011, V11.0.4 should be strong clues.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ERDAS Desktop 2011, Version 11.0.4 Released

Intergraph has released ERDAS Desktop 2011, Version 11.0.4. The new version is available for download from the ERDAS IMAGINE, ERDAS ER Mapper and LPS product download webpages.

This is more than a maintenance release. There are enhancements, as well as Intergraph has added new capabilities to strengthen the ties between the GeoMedia and ERDAS Desktop products. Expect more announcements by Intergraph later this year (2012) of tighter integration between the GeoMedia and ERDAS Desktop product lines.

The ERDAS Desktop 11.0.4 Version Description is located here:

Until more announcements are made, please refer to Field Guide posts: