Saturday, January 8, 2011

LiDAR for Dummies Book

This resource may no longer available. It seems the login page is sometimes there and sometimes not. :(

I just stumbled across (actually Gene Roe via LinkedIn sent me a note), LiDAR for Dummies. LiDAR for Dummies is a product of Autodesk and DLT Solutions. It is a 'Special Edition' and provides the basics of LiDAR.

I believe reading this book will help us find the wording to more effectively communicate with non-technical management. The for Dummies type books comes close to the 8th grade education communication level, which is the level we should strive to communicate with non-technical management (the decision makers).


Paul said...

It's critical to help management to make good decisions. And this involves some degree of education, not in depth, but a good overview. On the subject of LiDAR, I find this page has a good overview:

The Wikipedia LiDAR page also has good intro to LiDAR.

Paul said...

The 'Paul' who posted the above comment is not 'Paul Beaty' (me), the owner of this blog.