Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is LPS eATE?

LPS eATE is an add-on module to LPS for automatically extracting terrain from stereo optical imagery. The difference between LPS eATE and LPS ATE is the precision and accuracy of LPS eATE is much higher than LPS ATE, requiring less manual editing after the automatic processing is complete.

LPS eATE is a scalable tool, scaling from parallel processing using multiple cores on a single system, to distributed processing using multiple cores on multiple systems on your network.

Because of the processing power and the new algorithms a highly dense point cloud (matching on almost every point in the stereo coverage), can be output.

LPS eATE is being released soon to customers as a technology preview. If you have collected elevation points using optical imagery in the past, you will want to test-drive LPS eATE. (And ERDAS would like your feedback on your test drive.)

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