Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 available for download...

Customers may download ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 by going to the ERDAS IMAGINE Product page Download tab:

The "ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 What's New" and "Increasing Workflow Efficiency with ERDAS IMAGINE 2010" documents found in the Product Literature tab should be very beneficial.

ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 is supported on the following platforms:
Windows XP Professional x32 and x64 SP3 or higher
Windows Vista x32 and x64 SP2 or higher, Business, Enterprise & Ultimate
Windows 7 x32 and x64 Professional & Ultimate
Windows Server 2008 x32 and x64 SP2 or higher

Note: Microsoft Windows XP x32 has limited large output file sizes. The maximum file size depends upon system configuration and rarely exceeds 70GB. All other supported OS versions do not experience this limitation.

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