Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preview the Future of ERDAS IMAGINE and more on ERDAS Labs

This is going to be fun....

ERDAS Inc. announces the launch of ERDAS Labs, an informative new site highlighting technology currently being developed.

“ERDAS Labs provides the market and our customers a window into our product development activities; whether it’s a concept or idea we’re exploring, or a new feature under development for a product,” said Bruce Chaplin, Senior Vice President, Product Development, ERDAS. “We’ll showcase projects under active development, engaging our customers in conversations about these projects and soliciting their feedback.”

Whether it is an innovative new idea being explored or a major new feature being implemented for the next version of a product, ERDAS Labs provides a forum for discussion with the development team.



Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne said...

New UI for IMAGINE looks fantastic!

Paul said...

Thanks. I'll post snapshots on the blog soon and start a discussion. First, I have a WebEx coming in a few days.