Saturday, June 27, 2009

Consolidated Mosaic

Consolidated Mosaic is a working name for a new mosaic paradigm that will be introduced in ERDAS IMAGINE 2010. Consider the different tools ERDAS, Inc. has for mosaicking images:
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's MosaicTool (original mosaic tools, good defaults options)
  • ERDAS MosaicPro (advanced MosaicTool, easy cutlines, ortho-correct from block files )
  • ERDAS ER Mapper Mosaic (fast virtual mosaic, a lot of capacity, limited capability)
  • ERDAS ER Mapper Color Balance (fast color balance, limited to true color)
  • ERDAS Image Compressor (fast ECW and JPEG 2000 compression)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's MosaicDirect (Wizard to feed to MosaicPro and batch)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's MosaicWizard (Wizard to process mosaic)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE's Virtual Mosaic (more capability than ER Mapper Mosaic, less capacity)

What if we combined these products in a single product? What if you could mosaic >2.5 terapixels of data straight into a single >2.5 terapixel IMG, or to a 20:1 compressed ECW, or to a lossless compressed JPEG2000 image. What if you could break that >2.5 terapixel mosaic into tiles with your shapefiles (and it has no temp files)? What if you could do all this within a 32-bit operating system environment?

If you think this can help you, keep your eyes open for a WebEx or an erdas labs discussion on this topic very soon.

I gave you a hint of where we were going when I asked Hammad to post to The Field Guide in:

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