Monday, April 6, 2009

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2 Released

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2 is no longer a beta product and has been released to software maintenance (SWM) customers on the ERDAS Support site. The most common errors people have had are as follows:

  • Going to the IMAGINE Products webpage rather than the ERDAS Support webpage. Downloads of ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 are available on the Products page to provide people a way to demo the software. The 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 versions are on the ERDAS Support webpage. I know this is confusing, but until ERDAS completes the webpage transformation, there are a few awkward limitations.
  • Not knowing your SWM login name and password. The visitor login will get you to ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.1, but ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2 requires your SWM login.
  • Asking about licensing. There are no changes in licensing. ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.1 and ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2 use ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 license files and brokers. Just install and play.
  • Believing you need to install ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.1 before you install ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2. ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2 includes all the items found in ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.1.

Keep your eyes open for Webinars concering ERDAS IMAGINE 9.4. The Webinars will begin in a little over a month, and the product release is due near the end of summer. I think you are going to like ERDAS IMAGINE 9.4.


John said...

You think we are going to like 9.4 ... tell me more! tell me more !

dave (IT mananger Durham Uni) said...

Its a shame that the distro is on dual-layer DVD. It kinda limits install options as many DVD readers can't cope with DL

Paul said...

Dave, ERDAS manufactures DVD media through a company that write data DVDs and movies for many organizations. We have never heard of anyone not reading our DVDs into their computers. What are the install options causing problems you are having?

vicky said...

there is someone who can give me better idea to install erdas software on window 7 environments,


Paul said...

Vicky, ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3.2 was released while Microsoft Windows 7 was under development. While it may work in Windows 7, it was not designed with Windows 7 in mind and will not be supported by ERDAS on Windows 7.

Nevertheless, ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 was developed with Microsoft Windows 7 in mind. ERDAS developed and tested 2010 under Windows 7 beta verisons, release candidates, and are completing development and testing with the Oct 22, 2009 Windows 7 release version. ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 will funnly support Windows 7, both x32 and x64.