Monday, March 30, 2009

Create an Output Directory Structure for Batch Processing

I originally created this procedure while at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) Center for Geographic Information Systems. In response to the following ERDAS-L question:

Q: “I have a lot of ASTER 1A HDF images to import to the .img format using the batch tool. How does one send, by batch procedures, the bands from each HDF into a directory for each ASTER image? The directory must exist before the batch starts. How may I create the output directory inside the batch tool?”

A: This procedure assumes you have an existing directory structure and require an identical one in the output location.

Part A:
1. Open a DOS Command Window
2. Change to the appropriate directory
3. Use "dir" command as follows: dir *.hdf /b /s > file-list.txt
4. Open "file-list.txt" in MS Excel
5. Copy & Paste 1st Column into a 2nd column
6. Find & Replace all "\" with "/", in both columns
7. In the 2nd column, Find & Replace old directory path with new directory path
8. Insert new row at top
9. 1st Column = “Input”; 2nd Column = “Output”
10. Save as tab delimitated text file with "file-list.bls".
Part B:
Part B1:
1. Open original "file-list.txt" in Excel with "\" as delimiter. Insert 1st and 2nd Column
2. Put mkdir in 1st Column, leave 2nd Column empty
3. Delete the file name column
4. Find & Replace Directory Path Columns as needed
5. Save as text file "mkdir.bat"
Part B2:
1. Open "mkdir.bat" in Word
2. Find & Replace: ^t^t with " " (a single space)
3. Find & Replace: ^t with "\"
4. Save as tab-delimited text file as "mkdir.bat".
Part C:
1. Run "mkdir.bat" in DOS window.
Part D:
1. Start the batch tool. Select Modify commands automatically.
2. Change Output "Variable" to "User"
3. Open .bls in Batch tool in file list section
4. Launch program.

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