Thursday, March 20, 2014

ERDAS IMAGINE 14.00.01 Almost Ready for Release

The latest Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS IMAGINE product is almost ready. 14.00.01 will not be a service pack or maintenence release, but will be a minor release adding the following:
  • Add support for MS Windows 8.1
  • Add LAZ read, display, processing and write support
  • Add more point cloud tools
  • Expand 64-bit raster data format support (part of faster raster work) 
  • Improve tile, strip (BIL) and BSQ TIFF read speed  
  • Improve ECW Export 'Orient to Map' capabilities and performance
  • Expand ECW metadata support
  • Improve ECWP support
  • Improve 'Table of Contents' interaction with 2D Viewer
  • Add support for NITF 'Long Name' metadata
  • Improve JP2 metadata support
  • Add create ERS data
  • Add HDF5 read and display support
  • Add new GeoEye data format support
  • Add EVS to shapefile conversion
  • Add Inquire Curser 'History' capability
  • Add Copy/Paste pictures from MS Windows tools into a Map View
  • Add Copy/Paste images from MS Windows tools into a Map View
  • Add Copy/Paste text from MS Windows tools into a Map View
  • Add more reporting tools using Microsoft Office tools
  • Add Min of all bands / Max of bands LUT to 2D View contrast stretch tools
  • Add stereo viewing support for Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Add add-on products from AAI
  • Bug fixes
  • And more....
I cannot provide the release date, that is up to Marketing. But, I can say this.... it would not be 'foolish' to expect it very soon.


Unknown said...

Great stuff Paul - LAZ is much needed.

As you are working with copy/paste I have a need. The copy/paste with tables between Erdas tables and excel needs some rethinking. From Erdas to Excel it goes nicely but in opposite way we have challenges for example if row/column does not exist before etc.

So ease copy/paste of tables between softwares - that is my wish for future as it seems you are working with copy/paste stuff.


Paul said...

Thanks Timo.

I want to see LASTools functions convereted to Spatial Modeler Operators. Read LAZ, process LAZ with point cloud functions, and fuse with some ratser data to create a hybrid dataset.

frontyardchicken said...

Ok. But they are called LAStools. Just think of a company from Southern California producing wooden bar furniture: "LA Stools" ...

Paul said...

Thanks..... mr gamecock :)

It will be difficult to forget the correct usage of LAStools now!

See 'Thomas Sumter' Wikipedia for pun reference to mr gamecock. Also, see my alma mater 'South Carolina Gamecocks' .... named after 'Thomas Sumter'

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