Friday, March 8, 2013

Latest Version of ERDAS ECW Plug-in for ArcGIS Desktop

The ERDAS ECW Plug-in for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 has been released by Intergraph. The plug-in is free. This plug-in version will not work on ArcGIS for Desktop versions earlier than 10.1. Esri customers having an earlier version of ArcGIS for Desktop should use the earlier version of the plug-in.

The ERDAS ECW Plug-in for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 enhances the native ECW / ECWP support Esri has built into ArcGIS for Desktop. This new version of the ECW Plug-in for ArcGIS Desktop adds over 35 enhancements. Among these enhancements are the following:
  • Support for Esri's ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop, released in June 2012
  • ECW v3 file support has been added
  • Local files will read and store statistics information within the ECW fileheader
  • Display speed of ECW v2 files has been improved when compared to Esri’s default v10.1 capabilities
  • ECWP v3 has been added for improved streaming performance when connecting to ERDAS APOLLO 2013 servers over low bandwidth and secure environments
  • ECWP will continue to work on older ERDAS APOLLO versions
  • An automatic 99% clip is now applied to >8 bit JP2 or ECW v3 files when streamed over ECWP
  • Projection handling of ECWP layers has been significantly improved to support additional EPSG and now also Esri's defined coordinate systems
  • Numerous enhancements to ERDAS ER Mapper ERS and ALG file support
  • Added support for catalog searching of ERDAS APOLLO Advantage 2013 servers
  • Esri’s ArcCatalog now fully supports managing ECW v2, ECW v3, ERS and ALG files
  • Resolved side-by-side compatibility with ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS. Both products can now coexist in the same ArcGIS for Desktop install
The plug-in is available from Intergraph here: 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul.

Is there any way to get this plugin to work with ArcMap 10.2?