Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Few ERDAS Desktop 2012 Development Weeks Deliver Solid Results

During the last few weeks the ERDAS Desktop software development teams have delivered solid results.
  1. We have seen Point Cloud (LiDAR) display performance speed up significantly.
  2. User feedback from the Hexagon 2012 Conference prompted refinement in the LiDAR Ribbon controls.
  3. ERDAS IMAGINE’s Spatial Modeler providing real-time results from over 30 indices as well as pan sharpening.
  4. Python is now running Spatial Modeler without launching ERDAS IMAGINE UI.
  5. Asynchronous multi-threaded raster data delivery engine plugged into Spatial Modeler and into the 2D Viewer.
  6. Began work placing the latest ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK into ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS, and ERDAS ER Mapper.
  7. MosaicPro improvements improves how customers can handle mosaicking images with clouds. 
There are more, but I can’t talk about all of them. There are a lot of great things happening in Atlanta, Perth, Singapore and Hyderabad as we march towards the 2012 ERDAS Desktop Products release.

Oh yes, and did I tell you that ERDAS IMAGINE functions are being placed into GeoMedia? Yes... Vector coming into ERDAS IMAGINE and raster id going into GeoMedia. 

Finally, I had wanted to do some webinars on the LiDAR tools, but have decided to wait until we complete the changes gathered from user feedback at Hexagon 2012. I expect to do the webinars before too late in July.

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