Monday, May 2, 2011

ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia, where are they going?

Over the last few months people have asked me what is going to happen with ERDAS IMAGINE and Intergraph's GeoMedia, two leading geospatial products under one roof. Ola Rollѐn sat down with Joe Francica this past January and at the end of the interview discussed this very point.

Basically Ola says, both products have been around a long time and have their own audiences and customers. He states Hexagon must be respectful of the two markets the products are serving. Longer-term, the GeoMedia and ERDAS IMAGINE products need to be able to speak and communicate one to another.

Here is the Joe Francica / Ola Rollѐn interview.

As the GIS market grows, there is a lot of room for growth for the old pioneers and the new arrivals. This because, the GIS pie is still growing. I believe the market is about positioned for a very big surge in growth. GIS companies can fight over the same piece of the pie, or companies can position themselves by improving and innovating, and grow as the whole GIS market pie grows.

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