Thursday, December 9, 2010

Workflows and Integration Characterize ERDAS 2011 Release

Below is a link to a November 29, 2010 GISCafe GISWeekly article on the rapidly approaching ERDAS 2011 product release.

One point made, "ERDAS Engine is a solution that boosts processing power for ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS, leveraging existing hardware resources for increased production needs or situations requiring faster workflow throughput."

Article by Susan Smith, Managing Editor of GISCafe, based on an interview with Joel Campbell


Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne said...

Great to see you guys leveraging modern hardware Paul! I do wonder what Kass Green said at the New York State GIS conference about not needing image processing software any more due to the advancements in ArcGIS 10. I am a big ArcGIS 10 fan, but whether it's computing statistics or reprojecting images, I don't have 2 weeks to spare. With IMAGINE I can spin up all 16 cores on my workstation and get things done in a matter of hours.

Paul said...

Jarlath, I did not know Kass said that. I have known Kass since the 1991 ERDAS UGM. In fact, Kass speaks in the video ERDAS made at UGM, see: I disagree with Kass and Lawrie Jordan on this very issue. Image data production is all about throughput, not a group of tools. Time is money, and slow processing is very costly.