Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK v.4.1 (GDAL Update)

I recently got an update from the ECW team in Perth concerning the ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK v4.1 support in GDAL.

ERDAS is currently compiling the ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 v4.1 SDK against GDAL 1.7.2, in both 32- and 64-bit Windows variants. It is known to compile against 1.5 as well, so using the 1.7.2 driver with 1.6 should probably work (with a bit of fidgeting around). There remain some outstanding issues to address (like opacity channel support), but once the ERDAS 2011 products are released later this quarter, ERDAS will finalize our GDAL driver and give to the work Frank Warmerdam and the GDAL team for incorporation into the main GDAL source.


Anonymous said...


Do you kwow if it currently possible to build gdal with ecw support (using the currently released 4 SDK)? I havebeen trying with no luck so far. I suspect I will need to wait for the mentioned patches.


Paul said...

Brad, the development of GDAL support for ECW SDK v4.1 is almost complete. ERDAS will need to wait until we reach Gold Master for the ERDAS 2011 release before the work can be completed, and turn the work over to GDAL. I expect ERDAS will have the ECW SDK v4.1 GDAL work into the GDAL team's hands within 30 to 45 calendar days. Until we provide ERDAS' work into GDAL, it is unlikely that GDAL will build on ECW SDK v4.1.