Monday, September 20, 2010

ERDAS Releases New Version of ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK

As many of you know, I am also the Product Manager for the ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK. I am proud of the work the SDK development team in Perth has done. Components of this released version of the SDK are being used in all ERDAS 2010 v10.1 products. There is a discussion forum for the SDK on ERDAS Communities.

The following was released to the press earlier today:

Norcross, GA — ERDAS announces the release of a new version of the ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK, which enables software developers to include robust support for selected wavelet compression formats and protocols in the desktop applications they create.

The ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK provides read and write support for the visually-lossless ECW and numerically-lossless JPEG2000 imagery formats, and read support for the ECWP protocol. Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) is a compressed format designed specifically for geospatial imagery, which can quickly compress and decompress huge images using minimal memory. Enhanced Compression Wavelet Protocol ECWP) allows streaming of ECW images, enabling rapid delivery of terabyte-sized images over the internet using inexpensive server technology. JPEG2000 is an ISO-certified compressed image format that is commonly used for geospatial imagery.

Originally used in the ER Mapper products, this SDK has been implemented in all ERDAS software. ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS and ERDAS APOLLO use the SDK to provide support for these wavelet compression and transmission technologies. For over ten years, this industry-proven SDK has produced stable, high-quality commercial applications.

“The ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK allows any software developer to quickly implement industry-proven support of the ECW and JPEG2000 formats in their desktop applications, easily increasing the value and appeal of those applications to end users. On top of that, we’ve included changes in the latest release that result in remarkable performance increases, allowing your customers to decode ECW and JPEG2000 images and stream via ECWP faster than ever before,” said Mark Sheridan, Director of Engineering at ERDAS and one of the original developers of ER Mapper and ECW technology.

Developers can use the newest SDK to implement read and write support for ECW and JPEG200 images with opacity bands, allowing images to overlay other imagery cleanly without showing compression artifacts around the edges. Also, the SDK can now store compressed blocks delivered over an ECWP stream in the client cache, so previously viewed data can be opened faster. This also reduces the server’s bandwidth requirement, since less data is transferred to the client.

The C++ API provided in the SDK includes new functions for file decoding, rendering and accessing lower-level JPEG2000 features, such as the number of quality layers to include during decoding. Additionally, the API allows developers to retrieve and set options related to opacity, fussy or resilient modes in the decoder, the configuration of J2I index files, and caching parameters.

ERDAS distributes a free version of the SDK that enables read support for ECW, JPEG2000 and ECWP on its product web site.

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