Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ArcCatalog no longer seeing Raster Data?

I am providing this information for the benefit of ERDAS IMAGINE customers who are using ArcGIS as well.

The problem: ArcGIS can no longer see raster data in ArcCatalog using ESRI’s File Chooser. The only way the customer can add raster data to ArcMap seems to be a drag and drop from Windows Explorer.

A friend told me said the problem started appearing with ArcGIS 9.2. I have experienced it in 9.2 as well. This is the result of a setting in ArcCatalog being changed somehow. The friend said the problem occurred on systems with both ESRI and ERDAS products loaded as well as with ESRI products alone. To complicate things, it doesn’t happen on every machine (a phantom problem).

Notwithstanding the illusive nature of the problem, it is easy for the customer to correct on their computer.

To resolve the issue, go to ArcCatalog – Tools – Options. From the General Tab under the "Which types of Data do you want the Catalog to show?" section, check the checkbox next to Raster Files and apply the change. This will restore ArcMap and ArcCatalog’s ability to display rasters in the file chooser dialog and catalog listing.

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