Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strange Rumor Concerning Backwards Compatibility in 9.3

I have recently heard a strange rumor concerning backwards compatibility in ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3. In case you hear the rumor, just ignore it. ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 has image and vector backwards file compatibility to pervious verisons of .img, .lan, .gis, .tif and many more raster data, as well vector data created within the product line since the introduction of commercial ERDAS software in 1982.

I had another question on "backwards compatibility," dealing with license files rather than data files. Here is a comment on that:

The entire licensing technology was changed for ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3. The FlexNet license manager is now used and the system IDs are thus required to be different. Nevertheless, customer can have ERDAS IMAGINE 9.2 and earlier versions of license managers on the same system as ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3. As with all versions, only one version of IMAGINE can run at a time.

When ERDAS switched to the new licensing system, ERDAS streamlined the process and addressed many of the places where errors occurred for customers installing license files. So, ERDAS hopes the pain of obtaining new license files has been minimized.

Finally, note that there is no price difference between node-locked and floating licenses for ERDAS IMAGINE. If a customer receives node locked license and rather wanted floating licenses (and are not changing the license manager machine), they need only ask for floating licenses. This has been ERDAS policy since ERDAS IMAGINE supported floating license files in about 1992.

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